Feeding Station Enclosure Build

feeding station enclosure build

Mozam Cats travelled to Ponta do Ouro, to assist at a clinic held by Protect Ponta over the weekend of 14-15 September 2019. Volunteers arrived two days earlier to build enclosures, clean traps and scout trapping locations.  

Feeding station enclosure will ensure food is kept dry, water bowls free of leaves and give shelter from the elements. A shelf was created and blankets placed on top for the kitties to sleep on.

Due to time constraints only one enclosure was completed but we hope to return soon to complete a second one and possibly build more.

Thank you to Byron, Jesse, Neil and Ponta local Alex for completing one enclosure.

Heart Eco Timbers donated timber to build enclosures for our feeding platforms at Ntsuty Lodge, Ponta do Ouro.

BBS Mica Ballito assisted with Rystix Timbacare Armadek water based wood sealer to protect structures from the elements.

Thank you Heart Eco Timbers, Sue, Stewart and Liesel for your kind assistance and BBS Mica Ballito, Angie and Khalik.

All the kitties thank you!

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