Cat Carers – St Francis Carers of Abused and Abandoned Feral Cats

Cat Carers – St Francis Carers of Abused and Abandoned Feral Cats

This is a wonderful story of how individuals can and have made a huge difference in the lives of community cats, ensuring they are fed, sterilised, receive ongoing medical care and most importantly they are all loved. 

The team consists of Rose Magic, Pauline Tribe, Sherryl Bradfield, Linda Auld and Linda Phipson.

For more than 10 years, Rose and Pauline have dedicating their time and resources ensuring all the cats are fed every morning, 365 days a year, come rain or shine. Their day starts at 4am, feeding over 70 cats along Durban’s beachfront and Suncoast Casino area. About 4 years ago they were joined by Sherryl, when she found them while going for a run on the promenade.

Carers of Cats are supported by Linda Auld, Linda Phipson and Sharon Peebles with bags of food each month.

The organisation received their not-for-profit status and now has the opportunity to fundraise for this special cause.

To provide food is not enough for the St Francis Carers of Abused and Abandoned Feral Cats. Their dream is to have a sanctuary, a true home, for the cats they take care of. If all 10 colonies were in one place, they could provide more love in the time they have available, rather than travelling between them.

Mozam Cats volunteers joined Rose, Pauline and Sherryl early on a Sunday morning while they fed a few of their colonies on the promenade and Suncoast Casino area. It is wonderful to see every cat is called by name and loved as if their own.

Mozam Cats would like to Thank and Celebrate this wonderful initiative! With help from Hills Pet Nutrition, we were able to donate 15 Kg of Hills Science Plan Optimal Care and two boxes of Hills Optimal Care Pouches. Thank you for your contribution and caring for our special furry friends in need.

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